Chemical Delignification Treatment

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Chemical Delignification 

Chemical Delignification is a fancy way of saying your roof timbers are hairy. Hairy roof timbers are a problem in your roofing structure, usually found in the first instance in your battens supporting the tiled roof. Good news is we have a treatable solution. Click play to watch an onsite treatment.

Chemical Delignification


What is Chemical Delignification?

Chemical delignification was once termed as ‘defibrosis’ or ‘hairy timber’. Eventually all these terms denoted the appearance left behind by a chemical reaction. To better understand the reason behind such fibrous growth on timber, we need to understand what lignin is.

What is Lignin?

Lignin is an organic polymer found in the tissues of plants and certain varieties of algae. They are actively functional in the formation of timber cellular walls, since they cement the spaces within the walls, providing needed strength. Some tree species contain more lignin than others and therefore we notice varying degrees of rigidity.

How to Identify Delignification?

The effects of delignification are noticeable even to the naked eye, without a magnifying lens. You can identity the appearance of hairiness on the exterior of the wood. This frayed appearance is but the outer effect; internally the structural integrity is being defiled over time. The effect is similar to termite or pest infestation.

Which Areas are Prone to Delignification of Timber?

  • Certain locations where salt water is common: Wind carries salt to the timber and this salt initiates delignification.

  • Places close to industrial areas or heavy traffic: Proximity to an industrial hub results in transfer of chemical salt and pollutants on to the wood structure by wind, rain or flowing water.

Prolonged exposure to salty air and pollutant chemicals weaken lignin over time, consequently leading to structural degradation.


The solution we can provide you 

Responsive onsite appraisal and quotation

A unique treatment method to remove the "hairy timber" and seal the battens and rafters

Before and after photographs to provide to your settlement agent with the completed scope of work

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